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Hello from all of us at Warwick Rowers!
I⿿m very proud to say that my team mates and I are back with our 2015 calendar
I’ve attached a press pack that includes images from our calendar and from our London launch with Sir Ian McKellen, as well as a press release with all the relevant information. ?nbsp?This includes?nbsp?a link
to our 2015 trailer?nbsp? which you are free to use. ?nbsp?All we ask is that you embed our Vimeo version or provide a link to our website, so that we can track the statistics. ?nbsp?The embed code is:?nbsp? ?nbsp?

TV and online news media are welcome to use excerpts from the film, which can be downloaded in 1080p quality from Vimeo at?nbsp?the same link. ?nbsp?
Thank you for your continued coverage of our campaign, it gives us a massive boost. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of this year⿿s campaign.
Laurence Hulse

Warwick Rowers?nbsp?